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IDEAL U is the world’s premier community for innovation practitioners to find and practice with innovation management related resources such as services (consulting, training, education,…), events (conferences, hackathons, bootcamps,…), and other resources (books, tools,…)

IDEAL U is a rich informational resource and meeting point for innovation managers, thought leaders, consultants, authors, business leaders, academics and others who have a deep interest in innovation.

By offering a global community we enable and stimulate interaction among innovation managers and innovators.

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Also, join our Facebook Group as that community was recently started to provide another level of support to innovators and entrepreneurs. This community is born out of the need to access and structure innovation management related resources easily.

Driven by our passion and day-to-day activities, we encounter and look for the innovation careers, services, events, and other resources continuously.

IDEAL U teachers truly believe that the value of these resources is enriched when shared with and complented by like-minded peers.

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